Ajoran the eye of Africa


The beautiful Somali flower that opened and Abeer spread its fragrant words during the past three years in the gardens of Arab literature. Through her writing two novels in Arabic, she received the admiration of many readers in the various exhibitions where she was presented, her first novels were “Amira with suspension of execution in 1944” and the second “Ajuran Ain Africa in 1944” with Somali color.

Zahra Mursal is a Somali writer born in Bartiri city on the banks of the Juba River in Jeddu region in southern Somalia, but she grew up in Mecca because she is the daughter of Dr. Mursal Omar, a professor of medicine at Umm Al-Koras University in Mecca, about twenty years, and a graduate of sociology from the college of the Etiquette at In the year of 1973, she lives in Cairo and works as a novel translator, and in recent years she concentrated on writing research and literary novels, and indeed she is a competent author, her writing is novels and a story that is biased and objective with noble aims.

From her literary works:

A princess with a pause


The novel “Princess with suspension of execution” and then published in Cairo – January 1973, a novel from Dar Lili editions for publishing, distribution and printing. In this novel, every woman will find a job shadow for all her emotions… And bright for her dreams… And a picture for every knight in her imagination.

. Whether this knight is a war hero or a lord of a throne.. Or the owner of a penny!! Or a fairy tale written by a writer who turned from days to myth and possesses female details that do not distinguish between dream and reality … All this and more in this first novel “Zahra Mursal” the youngest Somali writer and the novel is the creations of the writer through a collection of distinctive works of pens of a unique nature and different style.. From the suspicion of many ancient names in this group, we find this name and its details stop us because it is a new name that illuminates the flag of the wounded homeland, a name that scatters the fog of two decades of darkness on the shores of the Horn of Africa with a wonderful dramatic glow titled “Princess with a stop to execution” it is a novel that will belong to her Every girl has her own complicated events, her hero Abeer is the girl so obsessed with the idea of the “Charming Prince” to the point that she is prevented from seeing the other special things in the characters of those she encounters in her life … Exposed to many dramatic comedic approvals… Her outlook on life is changing.. She is a princess .. But with the execution turned off! And the perplexing question stops us… Why is she a princess with pause!.. Will you turn into a queen or will you fade away without it.

Ajoran the eye of Africa

This book like the one before it is a novel titled “Ajuran the eye of Africa” and it has come under the atmosphere of this novel the following”… And here I am in the position of my lover, here I always dreamed of being, years have passed and I yesterday this scene in the ends of my dreams, the ends of my desire, I feel it with all passion, then I close my eyes to drown in it, I drowned so much that I thought my dreams would suffocate me, so I decided to wake up, and in a moment between burning passion And waking up to reality, my beginning was in his hands, more beautiful than any dream that touched my longing in his absence …

The maid

The first novel translated from the Somali language to Arabic, in my efforts to transfer the Somali rhetoric written in our language to the languages of the world. To convey the cultural, literary and historical heritages that have been carried down by successive generations in different and long eras.

Author: Mohamed Haj Othman.

Translated by: Zahra Sent.

Written by Abdul Ghani Mohammed


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