did you want to know Somali spoilers?


Muqdisho (Walwaal Online)- UNSC, at the request of USA and European Union, has established a committee assigned to identify peace spoilers in Somalia. Its third report dated February 10th, 2021 indicate that “since Sep 17, 2020 agreement of  the FGS and FMS plus BRA, the  UNSC Committee has been monitoring the situation including updates and reports submitted by  the UN offices in Somalia”.

Reliable source from the UN , on condition of anonymity, said that a list of six individuals have been identified as spoilers and will be subject of travel bans and asset freezing. Identified politicians include the following:-

1. Ex President Shikh Sharif shikh Ahmed

2. Ex President HassanShikh Mahamud


3. President of Puntland ( FMS)

    Said Abdullahi Deni

4. President ofJubbaland ( FMS)

     Ahmed Mohamed Islam ( Madoobe).

5. Prospective Presidential Candidate Abdurahman Abdi-Shakur and

6. MP Màhàd Salad.

Resolution on these sanctions will be issued soon.

Also the Security Council requested further detailed reports on countries interfering Somalia’s election processes.


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