Do you Write Love in Blood


Somali art lived its golden age during the military revolution in Somalia, and vocal talents with global energies that transcend the region and continent appeared, giants of adults who were given a golden throat, and a voice that surpasses the sky, and takes you beyond the clouds and seas, Weg You have to be refreshed and enter in A world like never before. A world full of fun and questions, and sympathy for lovers limit crying with them as if you were one of them, and solidarity with the oppressed in this vast universe, philosophical questions and meditation in nature, and responding to the struggles of the soul and what is going on in it, and condolences to those who are heartbroken over the loss of the beloved and the son of the liver, And who left love wounds You won’t regret their souls. Art was a voice, a forgetfulness, and a balm for their wounds and sufferings, a balm for their sorrows and a breath for their delusions.

The talents of the Somali musician, great singers, artistic icons in the artistic community and the national theater exploded, and Somali art influenced by Six Umm Kulthum, the planet of Fayrouz, the genius of Mohammed Al-Wardi, the brown nightingale, and the Somali singers sang Arabic, in Arabic, in dialect Banadria, May, and Barawiya came from the Somali language, and they are brilliant with the accent Yemeni and Sudanese were beloved guests and prestigious artists in Sudan, Egypt, Yemen, the Soviet Union, and even in Europe, America, the Arab Homeland and the Black continent, and they revived the evenings and nights everywhere, and made a spirit for international and national festivals.

Somali and Djibouti art was independent from others, derived beauty and originality from the reality of his nation and enjoyed a global distance, human coolness and Bogdan Konni, was the issue of Palestine, liberating the African peoples, fighting apartheid in South Africa “Apartheid”, and supporting the free in the A scientist who is present in the Somali conscience and forms a picture Immortal to the national concern and the sublime message in Somali art.

This generation is the greatest generation that has ever experienced Somali art and it is a generation that will never be repeated, it left a beautiful popular impression and memory that history cannot erase, and made a seperate imprint in the Somali conscience, and left the Somali nation a valuable artistic encyclopedia.


We remember with love and admiration the queen of art in Somalia who melted her soul and gave away, and she was a unique artistic jewel, she has a gentle voice and precise performance, and the voice of affection, and sincere enthusiasm, and the enthusiasm of the Somali people during the 1977 war and participated in the liberation of African countries and opposition Injustice anywhere it is.

And we shall never forget the poems of our great poet and Shakespeare of Somalia Muhammad Hadrawi, who described everything in reading, found, meaningful, deep and creative. This literary height that left us poems that became timeless songs like “Baldwin” and his great poem in the mother which is one of the most beautiful things said about mother in all history, and the song “Was love written with the blood of lovers?” ”which has been translated into English” is Love Written in Blood? Or ”Do you Write Love in Blood” translated by the researcher and writer in Somali literature Martin Orwin Have Love Been Blood-written.

We are longing for the days of the artist and great singer Hassan Samtar, the king of sound, a unique voice, the deep feeling and the eternal legacy he put in his albums, and for all the generation who have lived by writers, artists and singers, and for every Somali composer and musician and owner of a golden guitar from This is the great generation we are Love and longing, we owe this generation the most beautiful emotional and romantic songs, and national songs, through art it touched Somali literature with a new touch and a wonderful shade the passion of the Somali hearts, and the Somali nation has passed to become an international transient art, appeasing people’s hearts and moving Shame, and explains the suffering of man and his dreams.

Abdul Rahman Raghi Ali.

Abdul Ghani Mohamed


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