Famer Managed Natural Regeneration


I’m very happy to be here I have given workshops in more than 27 countries on mountaintops on farmland in busy cities this is the first time in a tent first time to give a workshop in a tent so thank you again and I’m looking forward to working with you so green said I should introduce myself in my heart I’m a farmer and even though I work in an office as soon as I get home I’m in my garden and my father and my grandfather were farmers so I come from Australia down right down the bottom I’m a grandpa I have seven grandchildren four children seven grandchildren.

I grew up in a very beautiful part of Australia and you can see on the mountains there was still forest we used to go swimming and fishing in the river and there were still wild animals in the bush I love the place where I grew up but as a child there were some things that made me very angry people were cutting down the forest and the wild animals were disappearing the river was turning muddy and there were many environmental problems the other thing as a boy.

I would read the news I would watch the TV news and while we had everything that we needed in Australia there were children innocent children growing up in other countries who were hungry and again this made me very angry it’s not fair it’s not just so I said a prayer the only thing I could do I said a prayer I said dear god please use me somehow somewhere to make a difference and for my whole life even now as an adult I try to be true to that prayer I studied agriculture I got married and we moved to Africa.



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