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Believe me, go and see for yourself where we are.. Somaliland, Bond Land, Thieves of Land, Satan Land, Allah Land will be born, and look around for the beard that is multiplying, the meaning of this is clear, tomorrow we won’t find any land! “

• From the novel: In the Land of the Pont |

For the Eritrean poet and novelist Abubakar Hamed Kahal.

The newly published novel, about Dar Al-Farjani for publishing and distribution in 2021 AD


The novel highlights the world of pirates, and their role in Somali territorial waters.

• About the novel:


“Somalis have not been breathless throughout their history as they have in this war, everyone gasps to win it, and the war chiefs had their own goals to announce and picture their faces for their supporters, while hiding the dishonest reasons that drive them to ignite it. They have made the country fronts and factions whose members fight with a level of violence unprecedented, and so the rings of scourge expanded to the country. “

(Puntland) is the name of old Somalia. That country that has been plagued by tribalism, disputed by gunmen and their minions, has sunk in countless crises.

How does a country lose its immunity? , and how dangers and temptations turned a rebel who wanted to leave his shores, and protect them from the ships of the west and east where the waste is developed, until Somalia was sacrificed ( a place that is not suitable for human habitation! )

Turn that rebel into a pirate chasing ships!.

This creative work of Eritrean writer Abubakar Hamed Kahal expresses that part of the African continent that resembles us in many ways in culture, creed and identity.

• About the writer


Abubakar Hamed Kahal, Eritrean author and novelist. He lived for many years in Libya, worked in the Libyan Writers Association, then the events of the Libyan Revolution that broke out in 2011, forced him to migrate to Tunisia, he lived there for a short time and then left after that. Where he currently lives in Denmark.

Abu Bakr Kahal was a member of (Eritrea Liberation Front) He also participated in the liberation battles against the Ethiopian occupation of Eritrea.

• From his literary works:

– The smell of weapons. Published in Conference Magazine’s Magazine

Barkantia: the land of the wise women. Released from the general council of culture.

African Tatnics, first published in 2008 about the bartender’s publishing house, and it is taught in a number of European and Western universities.

And translated into many languages:

Its English translation was released in 2014 by Darf Publishing House – London.

– Its Turkish translation was released from Dar Mana Publishing House – Istanbul.

And then it also translated into Italian.

– The poet Geelani Tribshan – The human poem.

A book about the biography, of the life of his friend, the late Libyan poet Gilani Tribshan, was released from the publications of Conference Magazine in Tripoli – Libya.

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