Wajir to step up Covid-19 awareness in schools


The Wajir county government in conjunction with partners will scale up Covid-19 prevention measures in schools.

Officials from the Health department, Kenya Red Cross and the Ministry of Education on Monday held a consultative stakeholders meeting on key actions for Covid-19 prevention and control in schools.

The Health department will strengthen response in schools with support from European Union through Kenya Red Cross by undertaking training of trainers and sensitisation sessions on Covid-19 protocols for 20 teachers.

Two schools will get 10,000-litre water tanks.


Existing water supply system will be rehabilitated for effectiveness. Schools will be prioritised based on the need for water and vulnerability for support.

They will be provided with disinfectant for surfaces, classes and offices. The institutions will be supplied with tents to ensure continued teaching and learning and avoid any disruptions.

Red Cross, with funding from the European Union, has been working towards strengthening inclusive and gender receptive health response for Covid-19 management and to enhance community engagement for prevention, control and management of the pandemic.

For example from June 2020, KRCS has supported the county department of Health by conducting key activities.

Health  executive Ismail Sheikh said KRCS has participated in capacity building of frontline healthcare service providers including community health volunteers on Covid-19 infection, prevention and control.

“The KRCS has also been instrumental in deployment of four health staff to support the county government’s response to provision of mental health and psychosocial support services to persons affected by Covid-19, both directly and indirectly,” he said.

During the forum held at a local hotel, the stakeholders came up with ideas such as scaling up campaigns against sexual and gender based violence through radio spots and talk shows.

They also called for distribution of PPE to healthcare workers and mobile phones to Covid-19 call centres.


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