When Somalia’s fisheries minister went deaf, dumb and blind and illegal fishing exceeded its limits, the national prosecutor spoke up.


Somali Attorney General Suleiman Mohamed Mohamud said foreign governments and other bodies are engaged in illegal fishing in Somali waters.

Suleiman noted that there are Somalis helping these organizations and countries that practice illegal fishing, which is unacceptable.

The prosecutor said the Somali government is committed to tackling the illegal fishing that takes place in Somali waters.

  “Fishing in the country is one of the important resources of the country’s possessions, and the people who have come to the country to illegally exploit the resources of our country are unacceptable,” he said.


Finally, the Attorney General ordered the Somali Navy to stop foreign vessels fishing illegally off the Somali coast.

Somalia’s Attorney General’s statement comes as the International Court of Justice (ICJ) has ruled on Kenya’s dispute over part of Somalia’s territorial waters.



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