Don’t send students home for fees, parents struggling — MP


School heads in Wajir have been urged not to send students back home for fees.

Wajir East MP Rashid Kassim on Tuesday said drought and the adverse effects of Covid-19 have made life difficult for parents.

The MP spoke in Wajir town where he joined residents, school principals and students during the launch of Wajir East CDF bursary scheme.

He issued cheques worth Sh20 million in bursary to needy and deserving students in some 129 schools.


Kassim said a majority of parents depend on livestock to raise school fees for their children but that they were not able to sell the animals because of poor prices.

“When you look around, you notice the body condition of the animals is poor and so the same animals cannot fetch good money for school fees. For some, it is even worse because they have lost everything because of the drought. It would therefore not be a wise decision for our school heads to send children home for fees,” Kassim said.

Wajir is among several regions in Northeastern where pasture and water have been depleted due to drought.

The National Drought and Management Authority has already issued an alert over declining livestock health and milk production.

Kassim said it is the duty of the national government to provide free basic education.

He urged bursary beneficiaries to work hard, saying his office will monitor their progress ‘and will not hesitate to withdraw our support for poor performers’.

The beneficiaries of the bursary kitty were vetted before the names were approved.


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