NPR blamed for ‘incompetent’ terror war


Fafi MP Abdikarim Osman has accused some National Police Reservists of incompetency, thus aiding terrorists.

The MP said on Sunday irresponsible officers are to blame for terror activities orchestrated by al Shabaab militia after the terrorists realise NPR’s weaknesses.

He cited an incident in Hagadera and Alinjugur a few months ago when some NPRs could not account for their firearms after involving themselves in illegal border trade and handling their guns carelessly.

Speaking after donating motorcycles to youths in Bura town, Osman asked the regional commissioner to recruit an additional 20 NPRs with reputable character to serve in areas where security is a challenge.


He said residents should also assist the security personnel in sharing information for quick responses, especially now that the schools are reopening partially.

The MP told his constituents they stand to suffer most when they harbour terrorists who then use their facilities such as hospitals and schools to get services.

A month ago, Osman urged the National government to recruit additional reservists to border subcounties prone to terrorist attacks.

Fafi is one of the worst-affected subcounties in Garissa that has witnessed several attacks by militants who cross back to Somalia.

Attacks include the killing of four non-local teachers in Kamuthe on January 13 and destroying Safaricom masts in Yumbis and Diiso.

Other attempts have been made to attack health workers in May. The government quickly airlifted them to safety.

The militants have over the years managed to evade security by walking on foot for  long distances, many using panya routes and placing IEDs on roadsides, targeting security vehicles.


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