Start offtake now, government told


The national and county governments have been urged to start buying livestock from pastoralists before they are lost to the looming drought.

All indications are that a drought is imminent in the coming weeks, said Dubat Amey, chairman of the Kenya Livestock Marketing Council.

“We propose livestock offtake be initiated by November to get value for pastoralists,” he told the press in Garissa town yesterday.

“Late offtake will result in massive death of livestock and the country will be at a loss.” 


The October-December weather forecast for short rains indicates the eastern and northern counties will receive below average rainfall.

Dubat said from the analysis, it is clear that the situation will continue to worsen and become an emergency with failure or depressed November to December 2020 rainfall.

Garissa county NDMA coordinator Abbdinoor Dubow said the agency has already started water tracking to areas that are in dire need of water.

He said the demand will go up as time goes by because of the prevailing circumstances.

A report by the National Drought Management Authority found the deterioration in livestock body condition and milk production is worsening compared to July and August.

The report further states the average distances to water for both households and livestock is increasing by the day, since most animal and households use water pans.


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