Wajir Health Department to sensitize community on Covid jabs


Wajir Chief Officer Public Health and Sanitation, Adan Omar on Friday said the Health Department will be holding talk shows to sensitize the community on the importance of taking the Covid-19 jab.

Speaking to the press during the launch of the exercise, Omar said the shows will also allow residents ask all pertinent questions pertaining the vaccines.

There have been growing fears among residents about the Oxford-Astrazeneca vaccines.

Omar said the Health Department was aware of this disclosing  that the talk shows and public address systems that will be mounted across the county will help ‘demystify the myth around the vaccine’.


Omar who was the first to receive the jab said the department has received 6,000 doses

Omar said the first phase will see all personnel involved in service delivery in all health facilities and at administrative levels vaccinated. 

The second phase will cover individuals over 50 years of age, those with comorbidities, persons above 18 years living with cancer, diabetes, sickle cell, chronic lung, cardiovascular, and renal diseases, HIV, tuberculosis, obesity, neurologic conditions and blood disorders.

Also included are individuals working in the hospitality and tourism industry.

“Covid-19 vaccination will help protect you by creating an antibody (immune system) response without having to experience sickness. offer some natural protection, known as immunity,” said Omar.

He said in the third phase individuals in congregate settings: Persons care homes, prisons and detention centers, shelters; street families; densely populated informal settlements and individuals working in the entertainment, restaurant, retail and banking sector will be inoculated.

Deputy County Commissioner, Wajir East Omar Boga receives his Astrazeneca vaccines
VACCINE Deputy County Commissioner, Wajir East Omar Boga receives his Astrazeneca vaccines

Sheikh who was accompanied by chief officer Public Health and Sanitation Adan Omar and County Director of Health, Dr Dahir Somow said that they decided to provide information and make it clear how the exercise will be accorded out ‘so as to avoid confusion among the resident’

He further emphasized the need for the residents to continue wearing masks and social distancing which he said help reduce once chance of being exposed to the virus or spreading it to others.

Last week, Governor Mohamed Abdi speaking at a function urged residents to come out in large numbers and be vaccinated once the exercise is rolled out.

“I want to ask residents to continue following protocols that have been provided by the ministry of health. As leaders we should continue leading by example and doing the right things so that we can keep this deadly disease away,” he said.

The county has so far reported 86 cases with three people succumbing to the virus.


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