Why is Ibn Salman and Israel spying on Ghassan bin Jeddo?


The night wolves gang of western intelligence private companies enter the bedrooms they like, but the obsession of Ibn Salman, Ibn Zayed and Israel, which has touched a vast fishing network, singled out the media and free journalists.

With Qadir’s ability, france’s submerged Forbes Stores foundation, in the words of its director Laurent Richard (the French name suggests a masculine name), reveals Israeli spying on loyal and hostile phones, including those of 180 media professionals in more than 50 countries, for the benefit of Ibn Salman, Ibn Zayed and others.

The leaks, some of which were reported by the French newspaper Le Monde and reported in Lebanon, mention the names of many politicians and officials. Among the media, ghassan bin Jeddo and Ibrahim al-Amin are involved.

International Humanitarian Resistance Media

There is no doubt that the list currently leaked is just a preliminary sample of hundreds of names in Lebanon, perhaps more. It may include all journalists, all media professionals of resistance, rejection of American and Western arrogance, the Israeli occupation, and the Saudi-Emirati aggression against Yemen and Palestine.


The Israeli-Saudi-Emirati war-axis trio has recruited more than 1,000 NSU agents since 2016, including about 200 journalists.

Some of them may stop in their intelligence reports, al-Akhbar newspaper with its speech in support of resistance in the environment of the Arab left, and al-Mayadeen channel, which has grown from local and regional to a media professional that extends towards resistance to the wider world of the South. The architect of this path and the ship’s captain with the slogan “With man everywhere,” the Israeli security services, which are launching u.S. and Western intelligence in Latin America and black Africa, are primarily concerned with the narrative of myths among good people.

Perhaps the most frustrating thing about misinformation and manipulation of minds is the approach that al-Mayadeen is working on with a media professional committed to news, coverage, dialogue and reading events and programs… to present a rational human historical and cultural narrative.

Israel’s partners in the war coalition, Ibn Salman and Ibn Zayed, who are infected with the neurosis of aorbia, are concerned by the “squares” by heading over the inter-alignments and internal alienation, in order to fortify the national and national common mosque, which grows to be squandered by Ibn Salman and Ibn Zayed in blowing up the war of daas and ethnic and sectarian dust.

Al-Mayadeen’s determination and determination to establish a school of truth in committed professional media is haunting the narcissistic gang in Riyadh and Abu Dhabi, who, under the umbrella of Trump and Netanyahu, for a moment is delusional that he has become Shaheen.

Al-Mayadeen expanded their predicament and revealed their blood-stained hands in Yemen and Palestine, addressing the hearts and minds of the world in the language of human conscience and the language of Arabic, Spanish and English, which penetrates the domes of steel savagery.

The night wolves gang is marred by the differences in preying on the victims.

How has the Laurent Richard Small Foundation in the world of management surveys been able to uncover a list of targets of the Israeli program “Pegasus” since 2016? Why did the French Attorney General, Human Rights Watch and the Alliance of 17 media organizations likely to double their numbers?

French and U.S. government agencies in intelligence agencies are likely to feel the moss’s access to its beards, as Israel’s NSOS crosses the guidelines agreed between Western administrations and its private companies.

NSU appears to have overflowed its agreements with Ibn Salman, Ibn Zayed and others (e.g., Morocco) about the common mosque in the so-called “fight against terrorism,”, which is directed by political administrations, and draws its outlines to intelligence agencies and private companies, including Israel’s NSO.

For two decades, all Western government intelligence agencies have relied on state privatization, security and intelligence as well, according to the U.S. model. Private information and intelligence companies working for multinational investment companies also work with government intelligence agencies with the support of government departments, sometimes with competence and technical expertise.

WestBridge, the U.S. arm of NSU, partnered with the CIA in the White House and Congress with the support of Trump and Kushner, and partnered with U.S. private equity firm Francisco Bartz Management. Switzerland has accused CIA intelligence and Germany’s BND intelligence of taking over Switzerland’s Krypto AG and other Omnisk.

The many differences have not surfaced, despite weekly evidence and scandals, as the brotherhood is taking place within the same family, but accusing the Israeli company of possibly hacking Macron’s phone and his former and current government is at stake, as well as accusing Whitweb of hacking Lockheed Martin and a number of U.S. military security agencies for Israel, in cooperation with former U.S. and Israeli agents.

U.S. and Western governments are unlikely to punish Israel, Mohammed bin Salman, and Mohammed bin Zayed in the same family, and leaks in Lebanon and the Arab region do not necessarily be directed against Israel, Saudi Arabia, and Abu Dhabi, western countries are concerned with approving Mossad operations to “keep Israel safe.”

Some of the leak’s objectives may be to intimidate some politicians and silence some media professionals. In any case, Ghassan Ben Jeddou did not move an emergency accidental motive for engineering the “Fields” media school, and he will not be prompted by an alarm or a threat to change an inch from what it is, belonging to the principles and convictions of a mountain with milk and a young man in the experience of life, but the gang of night wolves attack its prey in the dark of the salt. She may be intimidated by a candle of light or a tone of un shivering sound from the ghosts of darkness.

By: Qasim Ezz Eddin


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